Connecticut maintains one of the strongest homeless response systems in the nation and has achieved success in eradicating homelessness in our veteran community, one of the first states to do so. The strength of this system also allowed us to safely and successfully decompress our shelters and house people in need during the pandemic. We are confident that homelessness in its entirety can be ended and prevented in our state with the right plan, in cooperation with our partners, and with the appropriate level of funding.

Critical to our success is our ability to secure legislative victories that:

  • Recognize housing as a human right
  • Address the root causes of homelessness
  • Provide the funding necessary to adequately support Connecticut’s statewide homeless response system

Towards that end, we have developed an advocacy plan and legislative agenda with our partners to secure the necessary resources to rescue our homeless response system. Our goal is to propel ending homelessness in Connecticut to the top of the list of priorities with legislators, the Governor’s Office, and with our Congressional Delegation in Washington, DC.

2023 Advocacy Tools

Make a difference- Help us Rescue the Homeless Response System

Below are online tools and resources you can use to make your voice heard in the Legislature and help legislators support Rescuing the Homeless Response System in their policy-making decisions.

Thanks again for your commitment to ending homelessness in Connecticut! Together, we are making a difference.
If you have any questions please contact Sarah Fox at or Katherine Whitney at