Youth Count Trainer Guide

Thank you for participating in the 2017 CT Youth Count!

To read more about the upcoming 2018 Youth Count, please check out this YETI Youth Count Guide. You will need to register and have an in-person training to administer the survey for the 2018 CT Youth Count!

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Train-the-Trainer Recorded Webinar

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This webinar is only intended for those selected to train volunteers for the 2017 CT Youth Count by their Youth Engagement Team Leaders. If you are unsure and would like to be a trainer, please contact to be connected with your regional YETI lead. All volunteers need to attend an in-person training with a trained trainer.

Training Materials:

2017 CT Youth Count! Training Powerpoint

This is the powerpoint that trainers can use to train volunteers for the 2017 CT Youth Count! Volunteers can also use this powerpoint to recap any part of the training or administering the survey that is unclear. 

Youth Count Survey Training Sample

This is a sample of the 2017 CT Youth Count survey. Please do not use this as a paper survey during the actual count, it is to be used for trainings and to go over the questions that will be asked in the mobile app and on the official paper survey. 

Youth Outreach and Engagement Guide Video

So You Want To Administer the 2017 CT Youth Count Guide

This guide was put together by the Youth Action Hub, a group of youth and young adults researching issues of housing and homelessness. Please review this material to improve your canvasing and surveying skills. 

How to Administer the 2017 CT Youth Count Survey:

How to Administer the Youth Count Survey

This video, featuring Jackie Janosko of the Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness, reviews the key points to correctly administering the 2017 CT Youth Count! Survey to youth and young adults according to the methodology put forth by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. 

Approaching and Engaging Youth during the 2017 CT Youth Count!:

Approaching and Engaging Youth during the 2017 CT Youth Count!

This helpful video put together with the Youth Action Hub provides advice on effectively outreaching and engaging youth and young adults to be surveyed in the 2017 CT Youth Count! This video is especially useful for volunteers who do not regularly work in homeless and housing services or with youth and young adults.  

Effective Trainer Tips:

  • Practice the Youth Count! survey ahead of time.

  • Be very familiar with survey and question nuances.

  • Acknowledge that volunteers may have experience and knowledge in this subject.

  • Speak slowly and clearly when reviewing survey questions and answers.

  • If you don’t know the answer to a question, don’t make it up! Ask CCEH and report back as follow-up.

  • Don’t use practice paper surveys for the official Youth Count!


After conducting the 2017 CT Youth Count Training, please forward all trained volunteers this webpage so that they can access these resources! Please encourage all volunteers to participate in the Training Feedback Survey! This information is being recorded to improve future youth count trainings and track effectiveness of volunteer preparation.

Training Feedback Survey


Will there be a Spanish version of the Youth Count survey?

There will be a paper version of the Youth Count survey that is translated into Spanish. However, it will have to be entered into the English language survey on the application. If the Spanish version of the survey is being administered, the volunteer must be proficient in Spanish and feel comfortable entering it into the English app.

We are aware of this barrier and hope to improve upon it in the next Youth Count.

For question 7e1 (How many total months were you in that situation?), does the individual have to be homeless for the entire month for it to be counted?

No. Count the total number of months the client indicates they have been on the streets, or emergency shelter, in the past three years (couch surfing or being doubled up does not count here).

For example, if the client has been on the streets or shelter since January and it is now March, the cumulative total would be 3 months (January = 1, February = 2, and March = 3). If they were also homeless for a month back in October, the cumulative total would then be 4 months. If a client is sleeping on the streets or in shelter for any amount of time in any given month (even just one day), count the full month.

For question 15. (Are you pregnant or a parent?), are males with pregnant partners considered pregnant or a parent?

For the purposes of this survey, yes.

For question 23, (Right now, what do you need to improve your well-being?), can I read the options?

Reading the options for this question may help youth identify services that they are in need of but may not have considered.

Why do I need to get the paper surveys in by the next day at noon?

It is very important for the quality of our data that we record the surveys in a time appropriate manner. We are strongly discouraging the use of paper surveys whenever possible and would like to make sure that none are lost and that the information is kept private. Paper surveys can be lost or damaged and contain private information. In addition, if anything needs to be clarified with the volunteer who administered the survey, their recollection will be best within 24 hours of administering the survey.

No surveys entered into the app after February 1, 2017 at 12:00 PM will be counted toward the 2017 CT Youth Count!

2017 CT Youth Count Volunteer Waivers

Volunteer Release and Confidentiality Form

Under 18 Volunteer Release of Information