Dear friends and colleagues:

We are in the home-stretch of developing our first round of Sustainable CT actions, which are due in final form to Sustainable CT by 2 pm on Friday, December 11th. In this document please find the close-to-final draft of these actions, with items left blank to be filled in by Sustainable CT. These include:

Please note that Sustainable CT flagged Action 6 as in need of further discussion before public release.

We also are including this link to actions and action steps which we plan to refine for release in the summer round. These were action item steps that Sustainable CT and/or our internal municipal task force flagged as requiring more thought before introducing to the certification system publicly-released to municipalities. Our goal will be to work with all of you to refine these actions for release in the summer cycle. Sustainable CT has also indicated that starting with fewer actions will allow municipalities to focus on the core building blocks we have outlined, many of which may seem daunting to towns new to work on homelessness systems. 

Please review the following pages and send us your feedback by 1 pm today so that we can incorporate any final thoughts into the draft we submit to Sustainable CT tomorrow. Thank you for all of your hard work!

Carl and Madeline