The CT Department of Housing announces official definition of “shelter diversion” for the state

Dear colleagues,

Please see the approved definition of “shelter diversion” for Connecticut. This definition was developed in close cooperation with CCEH, providers, and partners in the Reaching Home campaign.

Shelter diversion is the effort to divert to a housing solution a client (individual or family) who would otherwise be literally homeless and require entry to emergency shelter. The intent of developing this definition is to provide clarity for frontline workers and leadership, alike, regarding the timeframe and recommended approach for shelter diversion in Connecticut.

Going forward, all sources of CT state funding that support diversion (whether services or emergency financial assistance) will work under this definition. At the same time, CCEH’s “be homeful” project funds (privately fundraised emergency assistance funds to support family shelter diversion across the state) will also apply this definition. Please note: eligible costs for different sources of diversion financial assistance may be different. It will continue to be important for frontline workers to know what sources of financial assistance are available in each CAN, and what the eligible costs are for that assistance.

Please contact Leigh Shields-Church or Kara Capobianco of DOH or Mimi Haley at CCEH if you have any questions.

Please also note that new, expanded diversion functionality is available on CT HMIS at this time, to allow us to track diversion specifics more closely. You can view a webinar on this new functionality here. Please contact Brian Roccapriore for more information.

Thank you,
Steve DiLella
Director of Individual and Family Support Programs
CT Department of Housing