Connecticut’s Balance of State Continuum of Care

2018 Request for Proposals for New Domestic Violence Bonus Rapid Re-Housing Projects  – DUE 7/23/18

Each year CT BOS CoC competes with other CoCs across the country to secure federal funds to help end homelessness through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Continuum of Care (CoC) program. This year, in addition to the usual funding awarded through this process, HUD has made up to $50 million available nationally to fund Domestic Violence Bonus projects (DV Bonus). The CT BOS CoC is eligible to apply for approximately $1.3 million in DV Bonus Funds. The CT BOS CoC is seeking DV Bonus applications for projects dedicated to serve survivors of domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, and human trafficking for inclusion in the CoC’s 2018 application for HUD CoC funds. More information about the types of projects eligible to apply appears below. The CoC may only submit one of Rapid Re-Housing project for consideration for funding under the DV Bonus component.

The CT BOS CoC will convene a committee to review and score applications that are submitted in response to this RFP. The CT BOS CoC will use those scores to determine which DV Bonus application will be submitted to HUD. HUD makes final decisions regarding which applications are funded. Projects not conditionally selected by HUD for funding under the DV Bonus, will be considered by HUD for funding under the funds typically available to the CoC for new projects. In other words, any DV bonus project included in the CoC’s application to HUD that is not selected for the DV Bonus will automatically compete for the usual pot of funds available to the CoC and may be funded through that usual pot instead of through DV Bonus funds.

Once projects have been selected for inclusion in the CoC’s application to HUD, the CT BOS CoC Team will work with applicants to provide instructions on how to submit the final project application in the HUD required eSNAPS format.

The CT BOS CoC encourages applications from applicants that have never previously received CoC funds as well as from applicants that are currently receiving or have in the past received CoC funds. The CT BOS CoC provides technical assistance to ensure that the process is accessible to all eligible applicants, including those who have not received CoC funds in the past.

Please note that this application is based on the best information that is currently available, and the CT BOS CoC may need to revise the requirements described herein and/or request additional information based on additional guidance received from HUD and/or policy decisions made by the CT BOS CoC Executive Committee. The CT BOS CoC will disseminate all information about this funding opportunity as it becomes available through the CoC’s email listserv.

The CT BOS CoC is currently seeking applications for the following DV Bonus project types:

  • New Rapid Rehousing (RRH)projects that will serve homeless individuals and/or families, including youth, who meet the criteria defined below.
  • Projects funded through this RFP may serve only individuals and/or families, including unaccompanied youth, who are residing in emergency shelter or a location not meant for human habitation AND qualify under the domestic violence criteria in paragraph (4) of the HUD definition of homelessness, including persons fleeing or attempting to flee human trafficking.
  • To be eligible for funding projects must commit to using the Housing First model

Questions should be sent to:
Applications are due to no later than 7/23/18
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