Advocacy & Field Mobilization

CCEH represents the interests of persons experiencing homelessness by working in partnership with them, local communities and advocates to move policy change at the local, state, and federal level. We provide stakeholders with the tools to prevent and end homelessness.

Leadership Development

CCEH is committed to building a community of partners and leaders working to prevent and end homelessness in Connecticut.  This includes our work to build the voices and skills of those most affected by homelessness with our innovative Leadership Training Program;  an active internship and volunteer program and training opportunities.  Our Annual Training Institutes along with Quarterly Change Institues are focused on improving Connecticut’s response to homelessness.

Re-tooling the Crisis Response System

We work with our partners and members to transform the homeless crisis response system into one rooted in a Housing First philosophy; preventing homelessness and rapidly returning people who experience homelessness to stable housing.

Connecting Communities

Indigenous, community leadership on ending homelessness has emerged as a result of ten year planning processes.  The community impact team provides local and regional support to plans to end homelessness, Continua of Care and other leaders.

CCEH supports, organizes, and helps to align community plans with state and federal efforts. CCEH offers proven best practices in ending homelessness.

Research and Analysis

CCEH conducts research and analysis regarding persons who are homeless in Connecticut. We coordinate and host the Connecticut Homeless Management Information System (CT HMIS), a comprehensive database of homeless assistance and housing interventions.  CT HMIS is an invaluable resource for evaluating the effectiveness of practices, policies and outcomes. Our work is designed to inform social policy and program design and evaluation.