Funding for the Homeless Response System

Connecticut must enact a law requiring state agencies to ensure that funding levels for homelessness and housing assistance services reflect the true cost of services delivery. CCEH supports ensuring that state (DOH/DMHAS) contracts to non-profit homeless services programs are funded at levels that reflect the true cost of services to pay adequate wages to frontline and direct services staff.

S.B. 340 Update

With the Appropriations Committee’s Joint Favorable deadline approaching, CCEH expects the Committee to meet again next week to vote on bills. While the Committee agenda has yet to be released, it is possible that Senate Bill 340 will be discussed and voted on by Committee membership. In anticipation for that vote, we ask that you contact members of the Appropriation’s Committee and ask them to vote in support of the bill so that it can be heard on the floor of the Senate.

Housing and homelessness services are lifesaving measures that can put a family on the path to healthy living, gainful employment and educational success. The men and women who devote themselves to serving this vulnerable population of people deserve competitive wages and benefits; they should not have to live wondering whether they, too, will be homeless. Reach out to your legislators and their aides via email today to express your staunch support for SB 340.

If you currently use social media, your online presence can assist us in our advocacy efforts even further. When you have a moment, make a quick two minute video and share why #FundTheFrontLines is important to you. Once you’ve uploaded your video, be sure to tag legislators on the Appropriations Committee, and our CT Coalition to End Homelessness page. Getting SB 340 over the finish line will require advocacy from us all, thank you for staying in the fight!

S.B. 340, An Act Concerning Funding for Housing Services

This bill aims to ensure adequate funding for homelessness and housing assistance services.

Video Testimonials

#IamEssential Campaign

We need your help to let our representatives know why our work is essential. We have prepared a social media campaign title #IamEssential and what we need from you is a photo of one of your staff and their quote saying why their work is important. Here are a few examples from our members.

How Can I be Involved?

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