Youth Engagement Team Initiative (YETI) Report

February 2017 Edition

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established-yeti-imageThank you for your work for the 2017 CT Youth Count!

More data will be available soon.

Gov. Malloy and Congressional Delegation Announce $6.6 Million Federal Grant to Help End Youth Homelessness

A Successful 2017 CT Youth Count!

Schools, youth services, state agencies, homeless service providers, youth and young adults, and businesses across the state came together during this week to work toward ending youth homelessness by 2020 in their communities. Over 300 volunteers participated in towns and cities around Connecticut from January 25-31 to make the 2017 CT Youth Count! possible.

Youth Engagement Teams Leaders coordinated dozens of volunteers in each of their regions. Leads and their teams have been organizing with volunteers for months in each of the engaged coordinated access regions. All of their hard work led to a very successful youth count. Although the final number are not yet available, reports indicate that the number of surveys completed will exceed the last Youth Count in 2015, which spanned a month. Thank you to all the Youth Count leaders for coordinating and organizing the 2017 CT Youth Count!

Volunteers were trained to administer the survey and given a route or location before outreaching to youth and young adults in communities across the state. Teams spent hours canvassing on cold January days and evenings, fanning across rural and urban areas from the Northeast to New Haven to identify and survey homeless and unstably housed youth. A huge thank you to all the volunteers who made the Count possible!

Incredible partners like Nutmeg Consulting and Microsoft came together to assist in developing the app used by volunteers to collect the data and streamline the process. To read more about their important contribution, click here.

The Youth Engagement Team Initiatives will continue to organize their regions to collaborate toward ending youth homelessness by 2020. The data collected with this Count will help target the regions, outreach, and assistance needed for struggling youth in Connecticut. Stay tuned for the upcoming results of these efforts.

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