Family Homelessness

Research has established that a high number of families experiencing homelessness demonstrate relatively low service needs as compared to their single adult counterparts. For them, the issue is often simple economics and the critical lack of affordable housing.

Rapid re-housing models provide one-time cash assistance or short term subsidies for families facing homelessness and have shown great promise around the country as a potentially high impact, relatively low cost complement to permanent supportive housing strategies which have been so successful in reducing long term homelessness. CCEH assists communities as they implement pilot programs that aim to end family homelessness. Using the Homeless Management Information System, CCEH will collect data on the pilots and, evaluate their effectiveness and work with State officials to replicate their success statewide.

CCEH is coordinating the Beyond Shelter program in 12 CT communities and has, working with the Department of Social Services, expanded its scope talign it with best practices relating to the rapid re-housing model.

CCEH’s new strategies to solve family homelessness in Connecticut

Ending Family Homelessness in Connecticut

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