CT HMIS Conversion Project

In 2011, Connecticut’s homeless service providers, stakeholders, advocates, and funders found themselves at a point of great opportunity. The state’s existing Homelessness Management Information System (HMIS) vendor would soon require a costly software upgrade, obligating statewide retraining.

The CT HMIS Steering Committee took the opportunity to assemble a subcommittee charged with reviewing different HMIS products on the market, applications to a CT HMIS RFP, and providing one final product recommendation.

The subcommittee ultimately recommended the Empowered Case Management (ECM) tool from developer Empowered Solutions Group. ECM is case management-centric, manages data in real time, is Google and Microsoft-based, and therefore intuitive to most computer users. ECM can be customized to a large (and small) extent, allowing programs to make changes that will be more conducive to their operational flow.

The Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness (CCEH) successfully sought Bond Funding through the State of Connecticut for purchase, conversion, and implementation of ECM, with additional funds from the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services. It is likely that the CT HMIS Steering Committee will recommend a program fee for participation in ECM once the conversion is complete and the system is in use. The fee will help cover operational and administrative costs.

The state is entering a new phase of operationalization. Ultimately, the new product is highly customizable and should be very useful to Executive Directors, planners, and staff who want to look at agency data. It will allow collaboration in real time which will make data sharing and community level case management much easier.

Full details on the scope of this very important project are available.

Please refer to the ECM Implementation Map and Timeline to find out when ECM is coming to you!

Details on rollout logistics, to submit questions about the implementation, and to learn what you and your agency can do to prepare can be found on www.cthmis.com.

Funded in part by the State of Connecticut, Departments of Social Services and Economic and Community Development

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