Crisis Services:

Mental health mobile crisis response teams are composed of mental health professionals and practitioners who can effectively and appropriately intervene in a mental health crisis. These professionals can meet a person at home, school, work or wherever a crisis occurs. The teams meet face to face with the person in crisis to assess and de-escalate the situation.

Mobile Crisis Services (Children)

Emergency Mobile Psychiatric Service (EMPS)- Mobile Crisis Intervention Services are available to all Connecticut residents and can be accessed by dialing 2-1-1 and, at the prompt, pressing “1” for “crisis.” Callers are connected to a crisis specialist who triages the call and transfers to a local Mobile Crisis provider who gathers information in order to dispatch a trained mental health clinician to the location of the child/youth, arriving no more then 45 minutes.

Following the initial crisis, the clinician and other members of the Mobile Crisis team will meet with the family for up to six weeks, develop a Crisis Safety Plan, and connect them with additional mental and behavioral health resources within the community.


Emergency Mobile Psychiatric Service


Mobile Crisis Services (Adults)

The Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS) provides the same type of service for adults through local mental health authorities. Crisis services are delivered through crisis phone lines, mobile crisis teams, general hospital emergency rooms, walk-in clinics, and full-time, on-site crisis intervention staff. DMHAS-funded emergency crisis intervention centers are located throughout the state.

Recorded Webinar:

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Utilizing Mobile Crisis Services – webinar slides


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