COVID-19 and Homelessness Resource Guide

UPDATED: 03/01/2021


Connecticut Resources
National Resources
Additional Client Resources
Resources for Youth
Resources for Food

This resource guide is intended to provide useful information to providers of homeless shelters, transitional housing, drop-in centers, and other homeless services to assist with preparation and prevention of spread of COVID-19 in Connecticut. 

At this time, we are strongly urging homeless shelters and other services providers to remain open, while modifying services delivery and implementing measures to minimize community spread of COVID-19. We encourage all Connecticut providers to consult the Department of Housing’s guidance for preparing shelters for COVID-19 and to remain in close communication with their local health departments. Below are some additional resources to inform your response. Please do not hesitate to reach out by contacting if we can be helpful to you.

A message to our providers from State Senator and physician Saud Anwar.

Summary of Connecticut Resources

If you have specific questions regarding DOH policy or protocol, please contact: Leigh Shields-Church or Kara Capobianco
For general questions, please contact:

Summary of National Resources

Additional Resources for Working with Clients

Resources for Working with Youth

Food Security Resources: