Organize community conversations/forums with stakeholders annually to discuss homelessness in your community.

  • How many people participated in your community conversation?  Please also fill in the chart below or describe in narrative form below the diversity of representation.


Representatives in Conversation/Forum


2 library staff members

Schools, including your municipality’s liaison for homeless children and youth under the McKinney-Vento Act and other stakeholders


Youth Services, Parks and Recreation, and/or Youth Service Bureaus


Police, EMS, and/or other municipal outreach staff/volunteers


Social workers employed/funded by municipality


Library Staff


Other community partners, i.e. community centers, food pantries, other nonprofits (YMCA/YWCA, Boys & Girls, clothing closets (please describe:  )


What was the structure/format of your community conversation/forum? Please describe topics covered and describe how residents were engaged to ask questions.Lisa, can you please add a line for residents and then other for “Other (please list:    )”

  • Please indicate the name and title of your moderator and their knowledge/experience with respect to key issues and principles in addressing homelessness.
  • Please summarize highlights, lessons learned and next steps.