CCEH Celebrates Black History Month

Help Us Honor Black Leaders and Unsung Heroes from our Field

In honor of Black History Month, CCEH will be featuring the contributions that Black leaders make to our field every day. We know that leadership is at times recognized and honored but more than often unheralded, particularly for people of color. That is why we are asking you to reflect upon Black individuals whose actions to prevent and end homelessness are worthy of recognition. Leadership can be formal or informal, and can include individual acts that have changed lives for the better through expertise, compassion, and action.

We will be featuring nominees weekly in the CCEH newsletter and on social media and are excited to hear from you about Black Leaders and Unsung Heroes of Connecticut’s homeless response sector.

Meet Our Black Leaders

In this form, you can nominate individuals who you would like to be recognized. Please share the individual’s name, organization, role, and reason for nomination. You may also insert a photo if you have one.