The Annual Training Institute (ATI) is Connecticut’s premier capacity-building event for organizations working to prevent and end homelessness. At this event, CCEH provides training and information on best practices, national and state-level policy changes, and changes in major systems as they relate to ending homelessness.

Below you will find a list of the six different tracks we will be offering at the Annual Training Institute this year.

Building School-Community Collaboration
This track will focus how schools and communities can come together to create and strengthen their partnerships and work towards ending homelessness. Innovative collaborations that help us move towards helping individuals and families in a housing crisis in our communities will be the emphasis of this track.

Ending Family Homelessness
This track will focus on new strategies for rapid re-housing, client engagement and how to utilize data in our efforts to end family homelessness by 2020.

Ending Youth Homelessness
This track will emphasize creative solutions for identifying and engaging youth and innovative ideas for programmatic solutions to help youth thrive in their environment.

Transforming Our Systems of Care
This track will focus on refining our current system. Workshops will include topics on Rapid Re-housing,  responding to medical and behavioral health emergencies in the field, and more.

Using Data To End Homelessness
This track will explore the various ways we can use data to work towards ending homelessness.

Focusing on Highly Vulnerable Populations
This track will focus housing individuals who may have been victims of sexual assault and domestic violence, trafficking, and individuals who have struggled with substance abuse.

Engaging Partners To End Homelessness
This track will focus on how we can engage with our partners to work towards ending homelessness.