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Below is our full schedule of events for the 2020 ATI. You can click on workshop titles for full descriptions.

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October 5
October 6
October 7
October 8
October 9
Welcome Keynote: Homelessness in 2020
CCEH Members ShowcaseCCEH Members ShowcaseCCEH Members ShowcaseCCEH Members Showcase
Can They Do That?: Understanding and Protecting Tenants Rights in Connecticut.
Youth Homelessness
Housing Plus Services: Understanding and Meeting Health and Support Needs
Colleges and Universities
COVID-19 Guidance
Eliminating Shelter Waitlists
Family Homelessness
TRAINING: Critical Time Intervention in Rapid Re-Housing Programs
TRAINING: Shelter Diversion
ROUNDTABLE: The Changing Landscape of Homeless Outreach During COVID-19
KEYNOTE: Housing as a Right
KEYNOTE: Crisis in the Rental Market
KEYNOTE: COVID-19, Systemic Racism, and Homelessness
KEYNOTE: Justice Starts at Home: A Conversation on Criminal Justice, Housing, and Segregation
KEYNOTE: Get Out The Vote Rally
Using the Past to Drive Today’s Change
What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You: Helping Clients Face Their Health Fears
TRAINING: The Homeless Students' Bill of Rights (McKinney-Vento Training Hour 1 of 2)
Stop the Revolving Door
Building Our Movement
Police - Social Worker Partnerships in Homeless Outreach
MUNICIPAL WORKSHOP: Sustainable CT Homeless Certification
TRAINING: The Homeless Students' Bill of Rights (McKinney-Vento Training Hour 2 of 2)
MUNICIPAL WORKSHOP: Mayor’s Homelessness Prevention Task Force
Hamden Virtual Town Hall on Homelessness
A Tour of the Homeless Response System
Changing the Narrative that Pets are a Barrier to Housing
When Kids Experience Homelessness
Building Community for People With Disabilities Experiencing Homelessness
Help, Not Handcuffs: Improving and Reducing Police Responses to Homelessness and Behavioral Health Crises
4:00Happy HourHappy HourHappy HourIce Cream SocialHappy Hour