Action 3: Collect and Share Homelessness Data

Step: Family and youth data

Develop list of family and youth in the municipality experiencing homelessness and share with CCEH and the CAN. The goal is to ensure a process for identifying any family or youth experiencing homelessness and ensure that the most vulnerable are connected with services.

Action 6: Improve Outcomes for People Experiencing Homelessness including Steps to Decriminalize Homelessness and Connect with Systems

Step: Decriminalizing homelessness

Inventory and review local and regional plans, policies, and laws to reduce criminalization of homelessness and ensure alignment with civil rights protections, equity goals, and homelessness prevention supports. 

Step: Police/Social Worker Partnerships

Police/social work partnership session from ATI re policy-level changes

Step: Public Housing Authorities

Collaborate with your local public housing authority to designate public housing units, Housing Choice Vouchers, or other units for referrals from [your municipality’s/any?] Coordinated Access Network.

Step: Healthcare

In collaboration with hospitals and community health centers, create Community Care Teams to reduce unnecessary emergency department visits and hospitalizations among people experiencing homelessness.