State Budget Action Alert:

We are reaching out to ask you to ACT NOW

January 27, 2017

CALL YOUR State Senators, State Representatives, and the Governor’s Office and TELL them you support preserving investments in the Homeless Response System.

We are making significant strides in our work to end homelessness. Without the continuance of this most important funding, our programs would not and cannot be as successful as they are today.

We need both the Governor and our legislators to hold strong on funding for housing services and related programs and protect those line items in the budget. We know that cuts to our state’s homeless response resources, in addition to last year’s cuts, will result in more people homeless on our streets- risking a reversal of the progress that Connecticut has made to end homelessness.

Cuts to funding would reverse our progress toward making homelessness rate, brief, and happening only once if it does occur. When you CALL your legislators and ASK them to preserve funding for critical housing and homelessness services and supports, including

  • Preserve DOH Housing and Homelessness line item-$67 Million
  • Preserve DMHAS Housing Supports and Services line item-$24 Million
  • Preserve DCF Homeless Youth line item
  • Preserve bond funding for the Homeless Prevention and Response Funds
  • Preserve resources for Coordinated Access Networks

Reaching Home & Opening Doors-CT_Legislative Agenda

Please use this Sample Phone Script:

Hello, my name is _________ and I am a (homeless service provider, advocate, etc.) in your district.

I am calling today to ask Governor Malloy (or Senator __, or Representative ___) to preserve investments in the Homeless Response System.

We are making important progress in our efforts to end homelessness in Connecticut. To continue this progress, we ask that Senator/Representative/Governor (Insert Name) support us by preserving the existing resources through the Departments of Housing and Mental Health and Addiction Services that fund this work.I am calling today to ask Governor Malloy (Or Senator______, Or Representative______) to preserve investments in the Homeless Response System.

Thank you and please feel free to call me at _____________ for further information.

Please spread the word and encourage both your Board members and staff to make calls.

  • The Governor can be reached at 860-566-4840 or Toll-Free 1-800-406-1527.

Please contact Sarah Fox ( and Cindy Dubuque at ( to relay and updates from your conversations legislators or their legislative aides.

Thank you for your continued support, and all your efforts and advocacy towards ending homelessness in Connecticut!