2016 Homelessness & Housing Advocacy Days at the Legislative Office Building

March 4, 2016

On March 2nd and 3rd, more than 250 homeless services providers and client advocates  from all over the state came to Hartford to discuss the impact of homelessness on their area and their work to end homelessness in Connecticut. 2016 was the best Advocacy Days yet! Together, we reached 123 legislators and aides with our message to stay the course and continue to invest in ending homelessness in Connecticut.

Our efforts are working, as the data shows, and cuts to our resources would reverberate across communities — increasing the burden to hospitals, first responders, and others in these tough fiscal times when they can ill afford higher demand on their services.

Frontline providers are the heart, soul, and engine of this progress!  Together, we are making dramatic progress, and we are on track through our Zero: 2016 initiative to end chronic homelessness by the end of 2016.

Thank you to all the providers, advocates, and legislators who took the time to come together in Hartford and discuss Connecticut’s efforts to end homelessness.  Together, we are achieving results we could only have hoped for a few years ago — reducing the total numbers homeless in a year, reducing chronic homelessness, and reducing first-time episodes and returns to homelessness.

Please look out for advocacy alerts and requests for your help to reach out to legislators to keep sending our message:  efforts to end homelessness in Connecticut are working — stay the course on state investments — given the resources we need,  we can get to Zero on chronic homelessness in 2016!