State Advocacy

CCEH serves as a catalyst for change and represents the interests of homeless persons. We work with local communities and advocates to move policy change at a local, state and federal level. CCEH provides stakeholders with information, tools and resources to create change to prevent and end homelessness.

Housing Advocacy in Action!

With the 2017 legislative session well underway, homelessness and housing advocates have been reaching out to legislators asking them to preserve resources that are critical to maintaining the gains we have made in ending homelessness.  Over 50 providers and advocates have submitted testimony and many have come to Hartford to testify on the Governor’s budget.  Across the state, Coordinated Access Networks have hosted legislators at in-district events, which have introduced many legislators to our CAN system from “entry to exit”, demonstrating the impressive collaboration while underscoring the importance of protecting funds to end homelessness.

CCEH and the Partnership for Strong Communities will support your efforts with the following tools:

  • PSC, CCEH, and Gallo & Robinson will be hosting an Advocacy Webinar on March 20th to update you on the legislative session and help you get ready for Advocacy Days.

    • Click here for a link to watch the Budget and Appropriations Process Webinar. Click here to view the PDF of the presentation.

  • Reaching Home Opening Doors CT Legislative Recommendations

  • A PowerPoint template to be used during 2017 Homelessness and Housing Advocacy Days

  • CAN Legislative Fact Sheets

  • A template invitation for legislators

Thanks again for your commitment to ending homelessness in Connecticut. Together we are making a difference!!

Action Alert: Last Call to Contact Appropriations Committee Members

April 17, 2017

Many thanks to those of you who participated Wednesday and Thursday, April 12 and 13, in our “Housing and Homelessness Advocacy Days” at the Capitol! More than 150 providers, community representatives, and client advocates participated in eight community meetings (one for each Coordinated Access Network). Together, we connected in-person with Governor Malloy, 60 legislators, and 75 legislative staff to ask for their support to maintain the resources we need to end homelessness.

The Appropriations Committee is putting their budget together right now, and traditionally vote before their deadline, which is April 27th.  We need you to keep raising your voice!

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Action Alert: Call & Email Appropriations Committee Members!

March 29, 2017

The Appropriations Committee is in a crucial time of debate and decision. We need your assistance in communicating our support and the vital importance of homelessness and housing programs to lawmakers.

We are reaching out to ask you to ACT NOW and CALL YOUR State Senators and Representatives who are on the Appropriations Committee and ask them to preserve and maintain resources to end homelessness in CT.

Please Call or Email Appropriations Committee Members this week. Click here for a script and a list of legislators in your region!

Advocacy Days Preparation Webinar

March 17, 2017

Please join the Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness, Partnership for Strong Communities, and Gallo & Robinson on Monday, March 20th from 1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m. for the Advocacy Days Preparation Webinar.

There will be an update on the Budget & Appropriations Process during this year’s difficult budget climate, a review of state and local initiatives, and preparation & strategy for the 2017 Homelessness and Housing Advocacy Days on April 12th & 13th.

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Appropriations Public Hearings for DOH and DMHAS Announced!

February 14, 2017

Governor Malloy and our legislative leaders have long understood and supported the importance of ending homelessness in our state in both fiscal and human terms. The proposed budget preserves essential line items for maintaining statewide efforts to end homelessness. Please show your support and help us highlight the need for protecting these critical funds by attending or submitting testimony at the hearings. Click here to read more on what you can do.

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Advocacy Action Alert: Help us Defend 8-30g!

February 13, 2017

Help us Defend 8-30g, an important took for the creation of Affordable Housing. Section 8-30g of the Connecticut General Statutes, the “Connecticut Affordable Housing Land Use Appeals Procedure,” has been a critically important tool in helping expand the stock of affordable housing in Connecticut. Expansion of affordable housing is central to the success of our efforts to end homelessness in our state.8-30g is under attack! There are more than 30 bills pending that would significantly carve back, or even repeal, 8-30g. Please join CCEH in supporting the 8-30g statute at the February 16 hearing of the Housing Committee. Click here to read more on what you can do.

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State Budget Action Alert

January 27, 2017

CALL YOUR State Senators, State Representatives, and the Governor’s Office and TELL them you support preserving investments in the Homeless Response System.

We are making significant strides in our work to end homelessness. Without the continuance of this most important funding, our programs would not and cannot be as successful as they are today.

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Gearing Up for Connecticut’s 2017 Legislative Session

December 1, 2016

The state legislature convenes January 4 to begin negotiations on a new two-year budget. The projected deficit for that budget has grown to almost $1.5 billion.

CCEH will be working together with you and the Partnership for Strong Communities to highlight the success of investments to end homelessness in your communities and across the state — arguing with your help to protect these resources serving those in most need.

We need your help to preserve funding for housing and homelessness services and supports.

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Action Alert: Appropriations Committee Legislators Deadline Approaching

March 10, 2016

The Appropriations Committee Deadline is March 31, 2016. Please contact your legislators TODAY. Tell them to protect homeless response resources.

As you know, this is a very difficult budget year in Connecticut – by some estimates, the worst in more than 30 years. While we have made significant strides, these cuts are detrimental to the progress we have made.

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2016 Homelessness & Housing Advocacy Days at the Legislative Office Building

March 4, 2016

On March 2nd and 3rd, more than 250 homeless services providers and client advocates from all over the state came to Hartford to discuss the impact of homelessness on their area and their work to end homelessness in Connecticut. 2016 was the best Advocacy Days yet! Together, we reached 123 legislators and aides with our message to stay the course and continue to invest in ending homelessness in Connecticut.

Our efforts are working, as the data shows, and cuts to our resources would reverberate across communities — increasing the burden to hospitals, first responders, and others in these tough fiscal times when they can ill afford higher demand on their services.

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Advocacy Materials

Advocacy materials include information on how to find a bill, find out who your legislators are, how a bill becomes a law, legislative agendas, talking points on various housing and homelessness issues, postcards for policymakers, tips for communicating with your public officials and CCEH field mobilization information. They are intended as resources for advocates, providers and those who have experienced homelessness. Includes past webinars and sample letters to the editor, op-eds and call scripts.

2016 Budget and Advocacy Days Preparation Webinar
and Powerpoint

File TypeTitleDate
pdfAdvocacy Days Webinar3/19/2015
pdfReferrals for Veterans Experiencing Homelessness3/17/2015
pdfHUD Hearth Act Letter3/13/2015
docxDear Colleagues Letter3/13/2015
docxHouse Sample Letter3/13/2015
docxSenate Sample Letter3/13/2015
pdfBudget & Appropriations Webinar3/1/2015
pptxTraining: Ready to Roommate3/1/2015
pdfIs shared housing a way to reduce homelessness?3/1/2015
pdfExiting Homelessness Without a Voucher: Comparing Independently Housed and Other Homeless Veterans3/1/2015
pdfTalking points: 3/2/15 Appropriations Committee Hearing - DOH Budget2/26/2015
docxTestimony Template: 3/2/15 Appropriations Hearing - Department of Housing2/26/2015
docxTestimony Template: 3/6/15 Appropriations Hearing - DMHAS2/26/2015
pdfTalking points: 3/6/15 Appropriations Committee Hearings - DMHAS2/26/2015
docxRequest for Presentations: 2015 Annual Training Institute2/18/2015
pdfAffordable Housing Talking Points2/2/2015
pdfYouth homelessness talking points1/31/2015
pdfTalking Points Elderly/Disabled1/31/2015
pdfReport: Statewide Membership Meeting, 20141/6/2015
pdfThe New Approach: The Emergence of a Better Way to Address Homelessness11/29/2014