April 2018 Newsletter 

Register for the Annual Training Institute, be homeful  payment request process, Secure Jobs, new staff members and more.

March 2018 Newsletter 

Annual Training Institute, Puerto Rico Evacuees, Become a CCEH member and expanding shelter diversion funding.

February 2018 Newsletter 

Point-In-Time Count, Puerto Rico Evacuees, Advocacy Days, and more.

January 2018 Newsletter 

Point-In-Time Count, Youth Count, Single Point of Contact (SPOC), advocacy days, STRIVE and more.

December 2017 Newsletter

2018 youth count, New ID Resource for Justice Involved Individuals, and be homeful for the holidays update.

November 2017 Newsletter
2018 Youth Count!, National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week, behomeful for the holidays 2017  launches.

October 2017 Newsletter

Dynamic prioritization, Lisa named to CHFA Board and shelter diversion data.

September 2017 Newsletter

Rally to protect community services, save the date for Iain De Jong, welcome new CCEH staff.

August 2017 Newsletter:

Special edition on best practices and lessons from the 2017 National Alliance to End Homelessness conference.

July 2017 Newsletter:

Budget update, regional youth count data, and more information and resources to be shared.

June 2017 Newsletter:

A wonderful 2017 Annual Training Institute! A Point in Time Report showing 3 years of declines in homelessness and so much more.

May 2017 Newsletter:

A successful 2017 Homeless and Housing Advocacy Days, upcoming 15th Annual ATI information, and Housing Plans for All Clients & Substance Use Webinar training material available.

April 2017 newsletter:

Upcoming 15th Annual Training Institute and Advocacy Days, Action Alert, and launch of the Rapid Re-housing Dashboard.

March 2017 newsletter:

Housing Advocacy in Action, CCEH Launches, Interactive Data Dashboard, Medical Respite Programs Make a Difference for Clients & Hospitals, Rapid Re-housing and Critical Time Intervention Pilot, and upcoming training and events.

February 2017 newsletter:

Announcement of matching all chronically homeless clients to housing, new HUD funding to end youth homelessness, a successful annual Point-in-Time Count and 2017 CT Youth Count!, and call to advocacy action this legislative session.

January 2017 newsletter:

Updates on the upcoming year of advocacy and training. Point-in-Time Count and 2017 CT Youth Count! seeks volunteers.

December 2016 newsletter:

Point in Time Count and 2017 CT Youth Count! update and call for volunteers, upcoming events and trainings, and the beginning of the 2017 legislative calendar.

November 2016 newsletter:

Zero:2016 update, information on the upcoming Youth Count, DOH and DMHAS collaboration, and more.

October 2016 newsletter:

Three months to go in Zero: 2016, partnerships with local municipalities, trainings and events, and more.

September 2016 newsletter:

Congressional Zero:2016 events, updates on developments in serving special populations more effectively, upcoming trainings, and more.

August 2016 newsletter:

Special 2016 National Alliance to End Homelessness Edition, including capitol hill days update, workshop resources, and more.

July 2016 newsletter:
The beginning of the 90 in 90 Campaign,  improved access to higher education,  upcoming trainings & More.

June 2016 newsletter:
ATI Re-Cap and Feedback Survey, Point-in-Time Report Released, Zero:2016 Momentum building events, upcoming webinars and trainings, & More.

May 2016 newsletter:
Upcoming ATI, CCEH testifies to Congressional Caucus, Housing First Survey, Staff Updates, & More.

April 2016 newsletter:
ATI Registration Open, Optimizing Outreach, beHomeful crowdrise launch, Upcoming Events across Connecticut & More.

March 2016 newsletter:
Gov. Malloy announces End to Veteran Homelessness, 2016 Advocacy Days Success, Diversion Training Overview & More.

February 2016 newsletter:
Zero: 2016 Ramp Up, Rapid Re-Housing Lessons on Landlord Recruitment, Diversion Training & More

January 2016 newsletter:
Upcoming VI-SPDAT 2.0 & Diversion Trainings, PIT Count, and Hospital and Education Planning Innovation.

December 2015 newsletter:
Upcoming Trainings and PIT Count, McKinney-Vento Advocacy Alert, and Be Homeful for the Holidays campaign

November 2015 newsletter:
Zero:2016 Summit, Hugs to End Homelessness, CCEH receives Honor Award

October 2015 newsletter:
Zero:2016, DOH supports CANs, website dedicated to homeless youth resources

September 2015 newsletter:
Ending veterans’ chronic homelessness, shelter diversion works, and more

August 2015 newsletter:
NAEH conference, Zero: 2016, New Britain success

July 2015 newsletter:
100-Days challenges conclude, upcoming trainings and more

June 2015 newsletter:
Zero: 2016 update, ATI presentations and more

May 2015 newsletter:
100-Days Challenge updates, ATI registration, be homeful storytimes

April 2015 newsletter:
Upcoming trainings, register for the ATI and more

March 2015 newsletter:
100-Days Challenges launch, Advocacy Days ahead