August 2017 Newsletter:

Special edition on best practices and lessons from the 2017 National Alliance to End Homelessness conference.

July 2017 Newsletter:

Budget update, regional youth count data, and more information and resources to be shared.

June 2017 Newsletter:

A wonderful 2017 Annual Training Institute! A Point in Time Report showing 3 years of declines in homelessness and so much more.

May 2017 Newsletter:

A successful 2017 Homeless and Housing Advocacy Days, upcoming 15th Annual ATI information, and Housing Plans for All Clients & Substance Use Webinar training material available.

April 2017 newsletter:

Upcoming 15th Annual Training Institute and Advocacy Days, Action Alert, and launch of the Rapid Re-housing Dashboard.

March 2017 newsletter:

Housing Advocacy in Action, CCEH Launches, Interactive Data Dashboard, Medical Respite Programs Make a Difference for Clients & Hospitals, Rapid Re-housing and Critical Time Intervention Pilot, and upcoming training and events.

February 2017 newsletter:

Announcement of matching all chronically homeless clients to housing, new HUD funding to end youth homelessness, a successful annual Point-in-Time Count and 2017 CT Youth Count!, and call to advocacy action this legislative session.

January 2017 newsletter:

Updates on the upcoming year of advocacy and training. Point-in-Time Count and 2017 CT Youth Count! seeks volunteers.

December 2016 newsletter:

Point in Time Count and 2017 CT Youth Count! update and call for volunteers, upcoming events and trainings, and the beginning of the 2017 legislative calendar.

November 2016 newsletter:

Zero:2016 update, information on the upcoming Youth Count, DOH and DMHAS collaboration, and more.

October 2016 newsletter:

Three months to go in Zero: 2016, partnerships with local municipalities, trainings and events, and more.

September 2016 newsletter:

Congressional Zero:2016 events, updates on developments in serving special populations more effectively, upcoming trainings, and more.

August 2016 newsletter:

Special 2016 National Alliance to End Homelessness Edition, including capitol hill days update, workshop resources, and more.

July 2016 newsletter:
The beginning of the 90 in 90 Campaign,  improved access to higher education,  upcoming trainings & More.

June 2016 newsletter:
ATI Re-Cap and Feedback Survey, Point-in-Time Report Released, Zero:2016 Momentum building events, upcoming webinars and trainings, & More.

May 2016 newsletter:
Upcoming ATI, CCEH testifies to Congressional Caucus, Housing First Survey, Staff Updates, & More.

April 2016 newsletter:
ATI Registration Open, Optimizing Outreach, beHomeful crowdrise launch, Upcoming Events across Connecticut & More.

March 2016 newsletter:
Gov. Malloy announces End to Veteran Homelessness, 2016 Advocacy Days Success, Diversion Training Overview & More.

February 2016 newsletter:
Zero: 2016 Ramp Up, Rapid Re-Housing Lessons on Landlord Recruitment, Diversion Training & More

January 2016 newsletter:
Upcoming VI-SPDAT 2.0 & Diversion Trainings, PIT Count, and Hospital and Education Planning Innovation.

December 2015 newsletter:
Upcoming Trainings and PIT Count, McKinney-Vento Advocacy Alert, and Be Homeful for the Holidays campaign

November 2015 newsletter:
Zero:2016 Summit, Hugs to End Homelessness, CCEH receives Honor Award

October 2015 newsletter:
Zero:2016, DOH supports CANs, website dedicated to homeless youth resources

September 2015 newsletter:
Ending veterans’ chronic homelessness, shelter diversion works, and more

August 2015 newsletter:
NAEH conference, Zero: 2016, New Britain success

July 2015 newsletter:
100-Days challenges conclude, upcoming trainings and more

June 2015 newsletter:
Zero: 2016 update, ATI presentations and more

May 2015 newsletter:
100-Days Challenge updates, ATI registration, be homeful storytimes

April 2015 newsletter:
Upcoming trainings, register for the ATI and more

March 2015 newsletter:
100-Days Challenges launch, Advocacy Days ahead